Providing Roof Restoration Services

We specialize in fluid-applied roof restoration systems. Total roof failure is rare and many roofs are replaced before their time, wasting money. Your roof can be restored for a fraction of the cost of re-roofing. Let us help you start saving money today!

Stops Leaks

Weathercoat's elastomeric coating system, with no seams or fasteners, will eliminate leaks common to metal roofs while sealing out the rust-causing moisture that destroys metal roofing-- completely guaranteed for 10 years.

Save Energy

Our bright white elastomeric roof system not only seals your roof but also cools your building. Department of Energy studies have shown white roof coatings can lower roof temperatures up to 70 degrees.

Prolong Roof Life

The Weathercoat Roof Coating System virtually stops the aging process of your existing roof, giving it years of additional service life.

Save Money

In addition to saving energy dollars, coating systems are generally 100% tax deductible when filed as repair rather than capital expenditure (as in re-roofing).