Choosing the right commercial roofing contractor – A Guide

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Choosing the right commercial roofing contractor – A Guide

As a business, keeping a roof over your head can give you plenty to worry about. That’s why when the time comes to repair your actual roof, choosing the right contractor for the job means everything.  

A leaky roof can cause damage to the property beneath it in addition to work stoppages, unsafe working environments, and even long-term operating problems. Trusting such a major investment to a contractor that isn’t right for your building or business could cause even more headaches and may end up costing you more than just the initial time and expense.

Weathercoat, Inc., knows that choosing the right contractor feels like a daunting decision. When the time comes to find a contractor for your roof repair, Weathercoat, Inc., suggests choosing the contractor with:

A trusted track record

In contract work of all kinds, repeat customers mean the world. What better proof of reliability could there be than a steady base of clients?

Being trusted to do one job for one client may demonstrate that a contractor can secure that one job. But the true mark of a contractor’s ability lies in repeated contracts for the same client across a body of projects. 

Trust is a major factor in choosing a contractor for such major work.  Repeat customers serve testimony to a contractor’s ability to get the job done well, on time, and within budget. By asking your contractor for a proven record of repeat performance, you can ensure they have what it takes to meet your needs.  

The ideal contractor isn’t just trusted. They also come equipped with:

The latest technology

Roof replacements are truly rare occasions. Most roofs can be restored rather than replaced and for less cost and in less time. Even so, if your contractor isn’t up to date on the newest technology in roof repair, you may wind up paying for unnecessary work. Knowing which type of coating to use for each particular roof is essential. At Weathercoat, coating systems are our sole focus.

One such roof restoration technique, spray-applied elastomeric coating, has been proven to both replenish and protect existing roofs. Elastomeric roof coating is elastic, so it contracts and expands along with your roof. By protecting and sealing the roof materials beneath it, elastomeric coating not only gives life to damaged roofs, but extends that life as well. 

Elastomeric coating is also cheaper, more efficient, and more durable than most traditional forms of roof repair.  Choosing a contractor without elastomeric coating capabilities (or other, more advanced roofing tech), you may be adding expense in both the short and long terms.

Advanced roof repair technology isn’t just about sealing rust or patching holes. The right contractor also helps you:

Add efficiency

“Efficiency” as an operating principle isn’t limited to org charts or synergy. “Efficiency” is also a principle in construction and can help your business flourish in ways you hadn’t previously imagined.

Not all commercial properties come equipped with the latest, energy-saving technologies. But by repairing your roof with elastomeric coating, you could even add value to your building as well as your business.

By using a bright white solution, elastomeric coating cools the sun-bombarded tops of commercial buildings, saving you the expense of cooling your building and otherwise cooling it for you. Elastomeric coating also slows roof degradation, stops leaks and erosion, and adds years onto the life of your roof.  When it is finally time for another repair, more coating can be applied as easily (if not easier) than the first time around.

Choosing contractors for the long run

Plenty of contractors can do one job one time for one price.  At Weathercoat, Inc., the philosophy is simple: Do the kind of job that makes our clients want to use us on their next project.

With some of the biggest name clients, the best technology, and a guiding principle of adding value rather than just fixing what’s broken, Weathercoat, Inc., offers clients a new way to look at roof repair and building efficiency.

Learn more about elastomeric coating systems and roof repair solutions from Weathercoat, Inc.

Weathercoat, Inc. has been providing solutions for commercial roofing systems for almost two decades. We specialize in fluid-applied roof restoration, restoring commercial roofing for a fraction of the cost of re-roofing. 

Our philosophy is simple: Do the kind of job that makes our clients want to use us on their next project. This philosophy has resulted in our continuous growth, repeat business, and ongoing success. We are client-driven rather than revenue-driven, and our foundation was built on customer satisfaction, which has been a critical element to our success. Let us help you start saving money on your commercial roofing today!