Roof Restoration Cost Analysis

Roof Restoration versus Roof Replacement

Weathercoat’s Roof Coating System is typically much less expensive than roof replacement. Plus, the cost of the Weathercoat System can pay for itself through energy cost reductions over time.

  • Replacement wastes money
    Most roof membrane failures occur at tears or splits at stress points such as those located around flashings, edges and building addition/construction joints. Large-scale roofing failure is rare. Many roofs are replaced before their time, wasting money.
  • Restoration costs less than half of replacement
    Modern polymer roof coating systems like Weathercoat’s are engineered to restore roof membranes to their original condition at costs of less than half that of roof replacement. Simple single ply membrane installations are typically priced at twice the cost per square foot of Weathercoat’s Roof Coating System. Metal roof replacement can be up to four times the cost of a restoration.
  • ROI of Restoration is 30%
    Reflective white roof coating systems can reduce cooling costs up to 50%. Return on Invesment (ROI) in the 30% range is normal when roof reflection is increased and energy costs are decreased.
  • 20-50% energy savings
    Weathercoat’s bright white elastomeric coating reflects up to 90% of the sun’s heat and UV rays away from the roof’s surface, greatly reducing the conductive heat transfer between the roof’s surface and the building’s interior air. This can result in dramatic energy savings. Actual cooling cost savings of more than 20% and up to 50% have been well documented by the EPA and other agencies.

Commercial Roof After Roof Coating
We were spending thousands of dollars annually on temporary repairs, however our roof leaks never went away. The reflective magic of Weathercoat was immediately noted by our personnel. The underside of our facilities are dry again and we appreciate the opportunity to spread the word of this great product and the outstanding personnel of Weathercoat, Inc.

– Wendell Smith, Maintenance Superintendent, burton + BURTON

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