Roof coating for commercial roof repair

Four major benefits of repairing your damaged commercial roof with our roof coating solutions

If your commercial roof is leaking or showing signs of rust, that means it is time to repair it before it causes damage to your property. Roofing on commercial buildings can strain your company’s budget, and if you are in charge of that budget, you are probably sweating a bit when you think about the high cost of roof replacement. In addition to all of those worries, you also need to find a reliable and trustworthy contractor who is going to do a good job. 

The truth is that total roof failure is rare, and many roofs are replaced before their time, wasting money. Most of the time, a roof just needs to be repaired. But what solution should you go with to restore your existing commercial roof?

At Weathercoat, Inc., we specialize in fluid-applied roof restoration, and we pride ourselves on doing the kind of job that makes our clients want to use us on their next project. We’ve built the foundation of our business on customer satisfaction, so we’d like to give you all of the details on why this solution is the best way to save money on roofing repairs for your company. 

What is an elastomeric coating system for roof restoration? 

Elastomeric roof coating is an elastic coating applied to commercial and industrial roofs (metal, bitumen, modified bitumen, EPDM, TPO) to protect and seal the underlying roof material from moisture and degradation from the weather. 

The coating is generally applied to the existing roof material with an airless sprayer. The elastomeric coating expands and contracts with your roof, making it incredibly durable and long-lasting. Also, the primary type of elastomeric coating we use at Weathercoat, Inc. is a bright white color that reflects the sun’s UV rays and keeps your roof cooler. 

Restoring your commercial roof with a fluid-applied roof restoration system, such as an elastomeric coating system, costs a fraction of what you would spend on re-roofing. Also, the cost of an elastomeric coating system can potentially be recovered in reduced energy expenses, reduced maintenance costs, and the prolonged service life of your roof.

Save energy with an elastomeric roof coating

An elastomeric roof coating uses a bright white solution that seals roofs and cools the building. The Department of Energy completed studies that show that a white roof coating lowers roof surface temperatures by up to 70 degrees, saving your company tons of money on energy costs or providing a more pleasant work environment if your building is not climate controlled.

Prolong your commercial building’s roof life

The elastomeric roof coating system virtually stops the aging process of your existing roof, giving it years of additional service life. Our roof-restoration system extends the life of your roof in a few ways: 

  • Stops damaging UV rays that accelerate degradation
  • Lowers roof temperature, which reduces damaging building movement
  • Is renewable, so your commercial roof will last indefinitely 
  • Eliminates leaks and seals out moisture for reduced erosion and rust

An elastomeric coating system will eliminate leaks common to metal roofs and will seal to protect your metal roof from rust-causing moisture. This solution is monolithic, having no seams or fasteners. It is guaranteed to protect your roof for at least 10 years, which means you save your company a lot of money on maintenance and repairs for the long term. 

Save more money with elastomeric roof coating systems: tax deductions and incentives

In addition to saving money on energy costs, elastomeric coating systems are generally 100% tax-deductible when filed as a repair rather than capital expenditure (as in re-roofing). 

Also, many areas have commercial energy management rebate programs. These programs provide incentives for commercial buildings that utilize certain efficiency technologies. Our roof coating makes commercial roofs eligible for such incentives because it creates a reflective, energy-saving surface. For example, Austin Energy provides an incentive of $0.15 per sq ft. for roofing with energy-saving surfaces. 

Save the planet 

Our roof repair solutions are environmentally sound. The roof treatment we use reduces rooftop temperature, which means less energy consumed to keep the building cool. As a bonus, this reduction in energy consumption reduces the use of fossil fuels, which is great for the planet. 

Cooler roofing also means fewer “heat islands,” which refers to the harmful effects of increased temperatures in areas with lots of commercial buildings and asphalt, like cities. Heat islands increase summertime peak energy demand, air conditioning costs, air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, heat-related illness and mortality, and water pollution.   

Additionally, elastomeric roof repair eliminates tear-offs (the waste from discarded roof substrates). These water-based coatings also have low volatile organic compounds (VOC). The elimination of waste from discarded materials you see in traditional roofing and the low VOCs in our solutions means cleaner air and water for the surrounding area. That’s something that will make everyone happy!

When should I consider coating my roof

Determining when to coat your roof really depends on the type of roof, the age, and its current condition. Generally, a coating is ideal at the first sign of a problem or just before your warranty runs out. Coating your roof will ensure an optimum roof condition which is the key to a long life. Please give us a call today so we can help you determine whether (or when) you need to coat your roof.

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Weathercoat, Inc. has been providing solutions for commercial roofing systems for almost two decades. We specialize in fluid-applied roof restoration, restoring commercial roofing for a fraction of the cost of re-roofing. 

Our philosophy is simple: Do the kind of job that makes our clients want to use us on their next project. This philosophy has resulted in our continuous growth, repeat business, and ongoing success. We are client-driven rather than revenue-driven, and our foundation was built on customer satisfaction. Let us help you start saving money on your commercial roofing today!