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Commercial Metal Roof Coating & Repairs in Chattanooga, Tennessee


Weathercoat, Inc., a leader in commercial fluid-applied roofing systems, is proud to serve clients in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Weathercoat Inc. has provided services such as commercial metal roof coating and commercial metal roof repair for over a decade in the Chattanooga, Tennessee region and beyond.


No matter what your roofing issues are, Weathercoat, Inc. is here to help. Our specialty is in commercial roof repair, restoration, and replacement. We service clients in the Chattanooga region in zip codes such as 37341, 37405, 37415, and 37424, to name a few. If your roof has been damaged somehow or has just normal wear and tear, Weathercoat, Inc. can help. Choosing roof restoration can save you thousands of dollars, costing about half the price of replacing your entire commercial roof and extending the life of your roof for decades.


We love working with our Chattanooga clients, helping them to focus on their strategy by servicing their commercial roofs so they can keep their attention on their business. We are client-driven, offering exceptional service on a multitude of high-quality projects. We offer free commercial roofing quotes to any businesses within Chattanooga, Tennessee and the surrounding regiongive us a call at (706) 363-0106 to talk to one our roofing experts today.


Whether your business is located in bustling Downtown Chattanooga near the Tennessee Aquarium, or nestled on Lookout Mountain near the ever-popular Rock City, Weathercoat, Inc. is here to help.


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We offer cool roof systems that are able to absorb energy and radiate it away from itself. This keeps the surface of your commercial roof cool, saving you money on your energy bill and extending the life of your commercial roof.

What is a Commercial Metal Roof Coating?

Coating your commercial metal roof offers a multitude of benefits. First off, the coating works as a shield for your metal roof. It helps to keep the roof’s temperature cool, even in extreme heat. It seals cracks that may cause leaking, seals existing rust and prevents future oxidation, protects it from elements such as hail, strong winds, and heavy rain, and extends the life of your metal roof for a fraction of the cost of replacing an entire roofing system.


Commercial metal roof coatings are not only environmentally sound, but our bright white coatings will also help you save money thanks to reducing energy consumption due to their reflectivity. A commercial metal roof coating will help your building reduce cooling needs and cut energy costs, in turn reducing the strain and wear on your existing HVAC equipment.


Is your business in Tennessee experience some high temperatures. On an average 90 degree day, our average Weathercoat roof will be keep near 90 degrees in comparison to a galvanized steel roof, which would reach temperatures nearing 175 degrees. A roof coated with an aluminum coating will be closer to 170 degrees and a black Bur or EPDM roof will be over 180 degrees. By going with our white commercial metal roof coating, you will lower your roof temperature, which in the long run reduces damaging building movement.

Commercial Metal Roof Repair

Metal roof systems are sturdy and low-maintenance, but they can still experience damage from a variety of elements including hail, strong winds, and tree branches. When it comes to a metal roof, many times the issue can be an open seam, metal roof oxidation, panel damage, or improper installation. Whatever the problem, Weathercoat has you covered. We will examine your roof to determine the cause and repair the damage, saving you from replacing an entire roofing system.


If you are having any issues with your current commercial metal roof, contact us before you replace the entire roof. Repairing or restoring your roof with our Weathercoat product is on average half the price you would pay to replace it. When you first start noticing issues with your commercial roof, contact us so we can send an expert out for a trustworthy assessment. We work for our clients to ensure we offer the best options available based on the circumstances.

Commercial Roof Repair

Weathercoat, Inc. has experienced roof examiners who are able to maintain, repair, or replace your commercial roof, no matter what type of roof you have. We will examine the roof and then restore it – saving you thousands of dollars and giving you peace of mind against future issues.


We will work with you to discover what you need and one of our roofing experts will put together a free estimate. Contact us today and talk to one of our roofing experts so we can get your commercial roof coated, which will save you money in maintenance and energy bills.


Weathercoat, Inc. offers free, no obligation estimates for all your roofing repair needs. Simply fill out our form here and we will contact you about the best time for one of our experts to come out and examine your commercial roof in Chattanooga. Our corporate headquarters are located at 2365 Winterville Road in Athens, GA. Call us for an estimate today at (706) 363-0106 or email us at

Our Warranty

We are confident that you will be happy with our commercial metal roof coating system that we offer all of our clients a 10-year warranty, which is inclusive of materials and labor. We won’t prorate your roof warranty, which means it’s covered from the very day that it’s covered to the 10th year that it’s on your building. Should you have any issues with your roof during those first 10 years, we will come out immediately and handle it.


At Weathercoat Inc. there are no commercial roofing jobs too big or too small, so give us a call at (706) 363-0106 to discuss your commercial roof repair needs. We look forward to discussing your roofing needs today.

Our Philosophy Is Simple:

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This philosophy has resulted in our continuous growth, repeat business and ongoing success. Despite our growth, we remain client driven rather than revenue driven. Our foundation was built on customer satisfaction and that principle remains the critical element to our success.