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Hickory, NC Commercial Metal Roof Coating & Repairs

Commercial Metal Roof Coating & Repairs in Hickory, North Carolina


Weathercoat, Inc., a leader in commercial fluid-applied roofing systems, is proud to serve clients in Hickory, North Carolina. Weathercoat Inc. has provided services such as commercial metal roof coating and commercial metal roof repair for over a decade in the Hickory, North Carolina region and beyond.


If you’re like most business owners in Hickory, North Carolina, you are proud of the area you work in. Because of landmarks like Catawba Science Center we understand what you are so proud of.


Have you thought about getting that aging Business’ roof in Hickory, North Carolina some much needed repairs? Contact US Today!


Weathercoat, Inc was designed to help business owners like yourself with their commercial roofing needs. Our fluid-applied roofing system will help your roof last much longer than you could have expected. If your commercial roof is located in 28601, 28602, 28613, or any other surrounding zip code, we would love to speak with you. Give us a call at (706) 363-0106  .Our roofing experts are standing by and they would love to help out any business with their commercial roofing needs.

What is a Commercial Metal Roof Coating?

On a fiery 90 degree day in Hickory, a Weathercoat roof will be remain around the same temperature as the summer heat outside. Many galvanized steel roofs could have temperatures almost double that at about 175 degrees. That is not all, a roof coated with an aluminum coating could be about 170 degrees and a black Bur or EPDM roof is near 180 degrees. With our white commercial metal roof coating, you will eliminate the sun damage on your roof and keep the building in place by removing building movement.


Wooried about our product’s effect on the environment? Our commercial metal roof coatings are okay for the environment because of the minimal VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds). Our stellar white coatings will also help lower your monthly bill because it lessens the energy consumption from its reflectivity. A commercial metal roof coating will be a nice selection for your building and cooling needs. It will help save on your bills and in turn, lower the daily use on your existing HVAC equipment.


A spectacular thing about a commercial metal roof coating is its durability. This sturdy coating will stop damaging UV rays that can speed up degradation of your roof. It’ll keep your roof temperature to a low, halt leaks, and with barely any maintenance, your roof will last.


Our commercial roof coating can help you save from the energy consumption reduction. This option is more cost effective, because it’s cheaper than replacing the entire roof.

Commercial Metal Roof Repair

A roof is like a target for all of the damage nature brings.  It could be a hailstorm, rain, tornado, hurricane or just the constant sun soaking, and because of this, it will wear out. No matter what it is, our coating is designed to make your roof survive it. Damage is likely to happen on metal roofs. Common issues are cracks and rust, but Weathercoat is designed to fix any of those issues your metal roof has.

Commercial Roof Repair

With our metal roof repair services,  we also have restoration systems designed for single-ply and modified bitumen commercial roofs. We will work with you to find out what you need and our roofing experts will give you a free estimate. Call us today and talk to one of our roofing experts so we can get your commercial roof coated. This will help save you money in maintenance and energy bills.


Our no-pressure, completely free estimates are something special. We would love to help you here, or you can also give us a call for an estimate today at (706) 363-0106 or email us at info@weathercoat.com.  Our corporate headquarters are located at 2365 Winterville Road in Athens, GA.

Our Warranty

Like our roof repairs, our warranties are top of the line and geared to give our clients peace of mind. At Weatercoat, Inc. we are proud to offer a 10-year warranty inclusive of our services and parts. We believe in our product and and its performance that our our work and parts come with a no proration clause.


At Weathercoat Inc. there are no commercial roofing jobs too big or too small — we cover it all. So give us a call at (855) 955-COAT  to discuss your commercial roof repair needs. Help us help give you the best roof.

Our Philosophy Is Simple:

Do the kind of job that makes our clients want to use us on their next project.

We would love the opportunity to speak with you and win over your business. We are confident that after talking with one of our experts about your commercial roofing needs, you will see that Weathercoat, Inc. was designed to help you!