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Victoria, TX Commercial Metal Roof Coating & Repairs

Commercial Metal Roof Coating & Repairs in Victoria, Texas


Weathercoat, Inc., a leader in commercial fluid-applied roofing systems, is proud to serve clients in Victoria, Texas. Weathercoat Inc. has provided services such as commercial metal roof coating and commercial metal roof repair for over a decade in the Victoria, Texas region and beyond.


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Our commercial roofing will help your business save money for many years to come. So, if you’re in town visiting The Texas Zoo or you have been a long time resident, let us know how we can help your business.


Being this close to the gulf, you are all used to the crazy weather that Texas has to offer. From the rain to the hurricanes, your commercial roofs will take a beating. If your commercial business is located in 77901, 77902, 77902 or any surrounding zip code, so give us a call today at (855) 955-COAT to talk to one our roofing experts.

What is a Commercial Metal Roof Coating?

On a humid summer 90 degree day in Victoria, a roof treated by Weathercoat maintains the outside temperatures in comparison to a galvanized steel roof, which could get up to a scolding 175 degrees. Also, a roof coated with an aluminum coating will be about 170 degrees and a black Bur or EPDM roof will be an even hotter 180 degrees. With our white commercial metal roof coating, you will lower your roof’s temperature and stop building movement.


To many chemicals t use? Our commercial metal roof coatings are safe for the environment because of the low VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds). Our white-as-snow coatings will also help save the price because it lowers the energy consumption from its reflectivity. A commercial metal roof coating will be a solid pick  for your building and help your cooling needs. It will help cut energy costs and in turn, decrease the daily wear on your existing HVAC equipment.


Another bullet point about a commercial metal roof coating is its build. This coating will halt damaging UV rays that can raise degradation of your roof. It’ll keep your roof temperature down, stop leaks, and with minor maintenance, your roof will have a long life.


Our commercial roof coating can save you money from the energy consumption reduction. It will help you save on the actual need because it’s cheaper than replacing the entire roof.

Commercial Metal Roof Repair

Your roof is your protection from the damage nature brings.  It could be a hail storm, rain, tornado, hurricane or just the constant sun soaking, because of this, it will wear out. No matter what nature brings,  our coating is designed to make your roof last. Damage is prone happen on metal roofs. The most common issues are cracks and rust, but Weathercoat is designed to fix any of those issues your metal roof has.


When you first start noticing issues with your metal commercial roof, contact us so we can send an expert to you for a trustworthy assessment. Roof restoration is a viable option and in general, costs about half the price of replacing an entire roof.

Commercial Roof Repair

Weathercoat has combated all types of commercial roofing repair. Whether your business has a coal tar, asphalt, wood, sheet metal, or plastic polymer roof, we can work with you and fix your commercial roofing system. It will save you thousands over a lifetime.


With our metal roof repair services,  we also have restoration systems designed for single-ply and modified bitumen commercial roofs. We will help you to find out what you need and our roofing experts will give you a free estimate. Call us today and talk to one of our roofing experts so we can get your commercial roof coated to save you money in maintenance and energy bills.


Our no-pressure, completely free, estimates make it easy for the consumers. We would love to help you, so let us do that by giving us a call today at (855) 955-2628 or email us at You can also simply fill out our form here and we will contact you about the best time for one of our experts to come out and examine your commercial roof in Victoria. We are located at 40 Cypress Creek Parkway Suite 490 Houston, Texas  77090.

Our Warranty

Our services and parts come with a decade-long warranty and we have so much trust in the performance of our commercial metal roof coating system, that our customers may never use it. However, if the need is there, our warranty is not prorated. We are proud to stand behind the work we do, from the day we install it, until 10-years later, guaranteed


At Weathercoat Inc. there are no commercial roofing jobs too big or too small, so give us a call at (855) 955-COAT to discuss your commercial roof repair needs. We look forward to discussing your roofing needs today.

Our Philosophy Is Simple:

Do the kind of job that makes our clients want to use us on their next project.

This philosophy has resulted in our continuous growth, repeat business and ongoing success. Despite our growth, we remain client driven rather than revenue driven. Our foundation was built on customer satisfaction and that principle remains the critical element to our success.

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Home to the ever-popular Space Center, we love being a part of the Houston community and are happy to assist our client’s business strategy with exceptional service and high-quality projects. We are client-driven and ensure our customers are completely satisfied. We offer free commercial roofing quotes to any businesses within the Houston, Texas region, so give us a call today at (855) 955-COAT to talk to one our roofing experts.