Restore or Replace – Which Roofing Solution is Best For You

Restore or Replace – Which Roofing Solution is Best For You

The time has come to make a very serious decision: will you replace your aging industrial roof, or will you restore it?

You might have looked on helplessly over the years as rust built up in the rafters. You may have even noticed a leak or two worsening after storms. Worst yet: you may have dealt with work stoppages or damaged equipment as a result of your seriously deteriorating roof or noticed your HVAC bills climbing steeply during summer months. 

At this point, your roof is costing you money. Now is the time for action. The hard decision can’t be put off any longer. 

But before you make up your mind, you might want to consider the pros, cons, and prices associated with either option.


In business, the bottom line is king. While searching for funds for a roof replacement, you’re likely to confront several alarming realizations concerning how expensive the prospect truly is.

Before workers arrive and construction is planned out, you’ll have to contend first and foremost with the hefty figure following the dollar sign.

It should come as no surprise that roof restoration can be drastically more affordable than replacement. On average, roof restoration can cost roughly 33% of what you might otherwise pay for replacement. 

With an elastomeric coating solution containing a rust-neutralizing agent, you can resurface your existing roof without paying for bulky, industrial components or the labor required to hoist new materials into place. 

Elastomeric coatings provide UV protection, expand and contract easily with weather, and weigh substantially less than other coating options. With a restoration, you actually improve your existing roof rather than merely replacing it–adding value and saving money at the same time.


A partial or complete roof replacement is no easy feat. Depending on the size and state of your roof, it may take up to a month before everything is back to normal.

That’s 4 weeks of on-and-off stoppages, heavy equipment parking, and daily disruptions–to say nothing of the weather, potential delays, and other headaches. On top of everything else, many roof replacement companies reserve their services for the fall season. Depending on your needs, you may have to wait a while before any construction begins in earnest.

Elastomeric coatings, meanwhile, can be spray applied to your existing roof and usually only require a few hours to dry. The process is quick, efficient, and ultimately simple when compared to serious construction.


Any work you do to your industrial roof represents an investment in your structure and your business for years to come. 

On average, most roofing solutions come standard with 10-year warranties. That’s another blissful decade without having to think about or find money for further roof repairs. 

Like other solutions, elastomeric coatings come with that same 10-year warranty. But unlike some other solutions, an elastomeric roof, when regularly maintained, can extend overall roof life up to four times longer. 

In many cases, the coating survives well beyond the warranty, both adding value and delaying any additional costly repairs or replacements.

Two Options, One Choice

Of the two options, the question must be, “why replace when I can restore?” As the benefits of restoration are tallied and compared to those of replacement, there’s really only one clear choice for the future of your structure and the integrity of your business.

With a sustainable, value-added elastomeric coating, roof restorations are clearly the more affordable and less time-consuming investment!

Skip the replacement by learning more about industrial roof restoration today!

Through modern roofing solutions and cutting-edge materials, total industrial roof replacements are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. To bring your structure and your business soundly into the 21st century, consider a more sophisticated option for your industrial structure. Visit today for more information about elastomeric coatings!