Sustainable Roofing – The Cost-Effective Way of the Future

Sustainable Roofing

Sustainable Roofing – The Cost-Effective Way of the Future

“Sustainability” is one of those modern buzzwords seemingly applied to anything and everything these days. Products from clothing to bedding to handbags now have a sustainable alternative available for the conscientious consumer.

Despite the marketing aspect of “sustainable” products, there is economical and ecological wisdom to advancing sustainability–especially when it comes to roofing. Sustainable roofs can be cheaper to install, more durable, and cost-effective while still forgoing the noxious chemicals and heavy-handed installations of last century’s common roofing options.

At its heart, sustainability is forward-looking and considerate of the future. When it comes to repairing your existing commercial roof, consider a sustainable option for its numerous benefits.

No replacement necessary

Modern sustainable roofing methods–such as elastomeric coatings–go on faster, work harder, and last longer than traditional metal or rubber options. Better still, if you’re interested in a sustainable alternative for your commercial space, you don’t have to replace your roof at all.

Elastomeric coatings can be applied to existing roofs–rust and all. After a rust neutralizing primer, your sustainable elastomeric coating can even be sprayed on. An elastomeric coating can rescue an existing structure while simultaneously upgrading it. After their initial service life, these coatings can generally be re-applied into perpetuity. How’s that for sustainability?

It’s cheaper and lighter

While sustainable roofing may be the way of the future, it doesn’t come at a cost only future generations can afford. In fact, it’s cheaper than roof replacement and even other popular options like rubber roofing.

Rubber roofing can cost upwards of twice as much as elastomeric coating and add considerably more weight to your existing (and possibly compromised) structure. Compared to rubber’s added weight of 1.5lbs per square foot, elastomeric coating only adds a scant .15lbs. 

Unlike petroleum-based rubber roofing, acrylic versions of elastomeric coating are primarily water-based and more environmentally friendly.

Cheaper, every bit as durable, and ultimately lighter–but that’s not all.

It’s cost effective

Sustainability means the most when it applies directly to your bottom line. Even something as simple as changing the color of your roof with a white elastomeric coating can save you big and up your sustainability cred.

At a Nobel symposium, Former US Secretary of Energy, and Nobel Laureate in Physics Steven Chu outlined how switching to a white roof can make your employees more comfortable and add value to your structure.  A white roof can reduce the energy used to cool a space by 10%-15%.  

But it isn’t just air-conditioned spaces that benefit from white roofing.  By switching to a white roof, your structure will be cooler inside during hotter months and warmer inside during colder months. 

Elastomeric coating’s reflective white surface reflects up to 90% of the sun’s rays away from the surface, both increasing longevity and cooling the space below.

More than just a buzzword

To hear it used for just about everything else in the world, you’d be excused from thinking “sustainability” is just a passing phase. 

But when it really counts, choosing a sustainable alternative can be more than just the ethical choice–it can save you money and add value to your structure.

Weathercoat specializes in outfitting your existing commercial roof for the future. With a reflective, durable, cooler, watertight elastomeric coating, you give your structure and your business the confidence of sustainability.

Learn more about elastomeric coating systems and the benefits over rubber from Weathercoat, Inc.

We’ve come a long way from branches and logs to cover our heads. Elastomeric coating is the roofing solution of the future and can easily be applied to existing structures despite their condition. Don’t just repair your roof with yesterday’s materials, repair it with the material of the sustainable future.  For more information about elastomeric coating, visit today!