Top 4 Signs It’s Time to Repair Your Commercial Roof

Damage from Leaking Factory Roof

Top 4 Signs It’s Time to Repair Your Commercial Roof

In an effort to put off roof repairs, we may sometimes convince ourselves to ignore the little things.  An innocent drip here or a spot of rust there may seem harmless enough–especially when compared to the supposed inconvenience of finally taking action.

Truth is: roofing is the unsung hero of our commercial and industrial structures.  Ignoring it could cost you, but watching for these top 4 signs can save you big.  Keeping an eye out for these signs of decay can make you the “roof whisperer” of your commercial structure–a hero for a hero.

1 – Leaks

Our roofs never speak more clearly than when they speak in drips, drops, trickles, and–worst of all–sloshes.  Not all leaks portend doom for a roof, but they will need to be addressed, assessed, and repaired.

Letting a small leak go today can mean putting up with property damage or mold tomorrow–neither of which have cheap or easy fixes.  Mold growth can be especially dangerous to both personnel and property, and the time it takes to remove harmful growth can eclipse early action on your roof. 

Leaks can also endanger workplace safety and put standards at risk.  An unresolved leak can also quickly convert a “repairable” roof into a “must-be-replaced” roof.

If your commercial roof speaks to you in water, something will need to be done.

2 – Rust

Rust is a fact of life for even the most modern metals.  While not necessarily ruinous in small spots, rust can operate like cancer if left alone for years or even decades.  

Rust can often be removed and patched, extending the life of a commercial roof.  But the question remains–why did it rust in the first place?  

Leaks or other forms of weather damage can strip metal of its protective coatings, allowing rust to take hold.  Investing in a rust neutralizing primer or elastomeric coating, on the other hand, can protect your roof from both culprit and consequence.  

Rust may not always be a dire issue, but by choosing the appropriate treatment systems and getting ahead of decay, you can add years of service to your trusty roof.

3 – Blistering

Cousin to leaks and rusts, visible blistering on the outside of your commercial roof could spell imminent trouble.  Moisture and air can become trapped within the roof itself.  As temperatures rise, the moisture expands and weakens the roof along these pockets.  

Poor ventilation and compromised seals contribute to blistering and could lead to even more serious symptoms moving forward.  Blisters are a sign of things to come when problem after problem piles on, making a roof less easy to repair.

4 – Increased Utility Bills

Commercial roofing is a vital part of your building’s insulation.  As goes the roof, so go the utility bills.  If your commercial structure is air-conditioned, and your HVAC usage normal, but you find your bills increasing at alarming rates, you might be venting money into space through your compromised roof.

If you don’t employ an HVAC system for your commercial space, but hear complaints about the heat or cold from personnel, then you may likely have an issue with your roof.  Properly insulated roofing can save you untold money in the long run and increase personnel comfort on a daily basis.  A mysterious increase in bills may be speaking for your roof.

Become the Roof Whisperer

If you listen to your roof, replacement may be avoidable.  With modern technology such as elastomeric coating, roofs can often be repaired in less time, at less cost, and with greater overall value added.

Like any good working relationship, communication with your roof is key.  Don’t let replacement or repairing fears discourage you from being a good listener.  

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