White Roof Revolution – How Simply Changing the Color of Your Roof Can Save $

After Photo of Metal Roof Repaired by Weathercoat

White Roof Revolution – How Simply Changing the Color of Your Roof Can Save $

Smartphones, smart homes, even smart toilets–there’s barely a product in the world today without a “smart” equivalent.  Modern roofing is no exception to the popular “smart” branding of our modern era, but like so many other products, choosing the right roof really can prove wise in both the long and short terms.

True to the trend, roofing will see an explosion of advancement over the next 20-30 years.  As a place to collect, store, or even dispel energy, saving money and increasing efficiency truly begins with the roofs above our heads. 

In fact, white roofing suffers no shortage of science proving it the wiser choice.  At a Nobel symposium, Former US Secretary of Energy, and Nobel Laureate in Physics, Steven Chu once outlined the drastic difference a simple change in roof color can make to a business. 

Smarter Spaces at a Smarter Temperature

If you’ve been to the beach, you’ve likely noticed an absence of black towels.  You’ve probably even heard the old adage that “black” materials absorb light while “white” materials reflect it.  Since light is energy, and black absorbs light, black materials will often heat up.

Commercial roofs can easily exceed 10,000 square-feet.  A black roof of that size can have serious repercussions for your employees working below. 

According to Steven Chu, switching to a white roof can make your employees more comfortable and add serious value to your structure.  For those who air condition their spaces, a white roof can reduce the energy used to cool a space by 10%-15%. Translated into savings when looking at an energy bill, it doesn’t take long to realize that a white roof will eventually pay for itself.

But it isn’t just air-conditioned spaces that benefit from white roofing.  By switching to a white roof, your structure will be cooler inside during hotter months and warmer inside during colder months. 

If or when the time comes to sell your building, a white roof can increase the ultimate value of the structure.  Smart spaces save money and can be sold for more because of it. Depending on your region of operation, there may even be government incentives that reward your choice of roof.  When it comes to white roofing, there’s little it can’t do.

The Technology of Color

Roofing is more than just a color.  There’s a lot of science, chemistry, and research that goes into a white roof coating.  Weathercoat specializes in spray-applied elastomeric coating, which has been proven to both replenish and protect existing roofs. 

Elastomeric roof coating is elastic, and so it contracts and expands as it heats and cools, giving it twice the utility a regular white roof would otherwise have. By protecting and sealing the roof materials beneath it, elastomeric coating not only gives life to damaged roofs, but extends that life as well. 

Elastomeric coating is also cheaper, more efficient, and more durable than most traditional forms of roof repair.  

The Difference is Black and White

In addition to reflecting most of the visible spectrum, elastomeric coating also slows roof degradation, stops leaks and erosion, and adds years onto the life of your roof.  Former US Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu, spoke on white roofing as the way of the future. So-called “cool roofs” aren’t years away, however. White roofing is here and now.

With some of the biggest name clients, the best technology, and a guiding principle of adding value rather than just fixing what’s broken, Weathercoat, Inc., offers clients a new way to look at roof repair and building efficiency.

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